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    Okay correct me if i am wrong, but from what i have read is that SprintPCS on the Treo 600 and the 650 have disabled SMSing. Thus the only way to get it working (well for the treo 600) was to get an app from pdaapp, or some other third party.

    Now why would Sprint want to do that?..i just dont understand to be honest
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    HUH? I think you might be mixing up the Treo 300 with the 600/650. The 600 and 650 have always been MO-SMS capable out the box. You do not need any 3rd party app to use/access MO-SMS on the 600/650. Sprint's basic plans come bundled with 100 sms and it costs an additional $5 addon for unlimited sms. The Treo 300 was not MO-SMS capable and thus required Treo300SMS from PDAapps...
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    GFunk is correct. And depending on when you got your Vision accountm you may have unlimited SMS for free, as I do (grandfathered in).

    The lack of built-in Mobile-Oriented SMS on the Treo 300 was not Handspring's fault. When Handspring released the Treo 300, Sprint did not have a standard implementation of SMS. They only had a web-based short message system. To send a Short Message, a Sprint user had to go to the Vision website.

    GSM users using the Treo 180 and 270 had true SMS capability from the beginning. But Sprint was behind.

    Sprint has since updated their service, so now true SMS is possible. The Sprint versions of the Treo 600 and 650 have the software in their ROMs for it and have been able to take advantage of it.
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    Maybe some of the confusion stems from the fact that Sprint's true SMS didn't roll out til a few months after the Sprint Treo 600 was released. So there was a period of time where it was true that you couldn't do SMS on a Sprint Treo 600 without a third-party app or short mail.

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