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    In my last Sprint bill, I got hit with a bogus charge of $27 for sw download that I didn't make. I've since gotten credit for that.

    This months bill I got hit with a one minute $.39 pcs wireless web call to a phone number 4#777540

    What is a wireless web call? I have unlim vision and I did not exceed my anytime minutes. I called Sprint csr (offshore- phillipines) anf they couldn't explain what it is either and gave me credit.

    I am tired of finding these bogus charges on my bill and have to waste my time getting credit. Any ideas to get them to stop this practice?
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    The vision is only for their network. It you get to a network by calling, eg ISP or work, it is called wireless web and charged. Can't make any sense out of the number it said you called.

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