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    I just purchased a Treo from Ebay. It was originally used in Canada on Bell Mobility. I easily have gotten it to work on Verizon's CDMA Network for Voice calls, simply by changing the SID, and NID. Next I got it to work with my Verizon Internet by changing the dial up account settings.

    I am now trying to update the PRL file to Verizon's so that It will be able to roam correctly, download verizon software updates with #228, and Change the Banner from Bell Mobility to Verizon.

    I am having trouble with doing this. I read the thread here called (FAQ: Activating a TREO 600 on Verizon) Very Cool by the way! It explained about how to use Kyocera Programming software to change a Sprint Treo 600 over to Verizon, but when I run it with my Bell Mobility phone It does not recognize it. It lists my phone info with a Red Circle and says UNKNOWN
    MSM: Unknown (240.83)

    Does any one have any suggestions?

    I am thinking that maybe the Kyocera software might be able to be updated?
    Or maybe there is another programing software that works even better?
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    I posted this back in January, and still haven't figured out how to Hack my Bell Mobility Treo to update with the Verizon #228 software.

    Has anyone else had any success with doing this?

    If not, does anyone want to buy a Bell Mobility Treo- I'll give you a Great Deal!
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    I had to write for the benefit of anyone else out there who is struggling with a Treo 600 from Bell Mobility and trying to make it work on Verizon's network with the *228 working.

    I Finally was able to get it to work with an older version of the PST software, called QPST 2.7

    You can currently find it here:

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