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    I just switched to Verizon and going from a 600 to the xv6600. I ordered the unlimited dataplan for 49 - discount. well, he came back and said the the "people" said it doesnt fall under the PDA unlimited but the 79 dollar plan which is usually for data cards.
    He did give me a hundred dollar credit and 25 percent off my bill.
    But is that right?

    I guess the good thing is I can now use it for my laptop as a modem and not worry at all about them comming back after me for using umpteen minutes

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    That's bull****. If you have a calling plan, the unlimited data plan should be $44.99.
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    Agreed, the XV6600 should be eligible for the $45 unlimited PDA plan, which is still too expensive to begin with. The $79 is supposed to be for the wireless card on a laptop, not PDA phones
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    They claim that it qualifies for the the 79 plan because of the EVDO capability.
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    If nothing else, it should be $15 (VCAST plan) since it is EVDO capable. I didn't think Verizon could do any worse than a $45 PDA plan, but I was obviously wrong.

    I'd try another rep. This smells of misinformation or a padded commission.
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    The $44.99/$49.99 (depends if you have a calling plan or not) comes up as an option if you purchase the phone online. I'd check with a different rep.
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    Well, just called Verizon, talked to the rep that deals with those phones and he told me my rep is wrong. (its my Reps first 6600) I have to use him though because hes the only rep through my company.
    The verizon phone rep said I could either call my rep and tell him hes wrong or just call in later and get it changed to the correct price.
    Since hes giving me 25% off plus a $100 credit becuase the price (he thinks) is 79, I'll go ahead and wait. Otherwise he'll probably take the credit back.
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    Don't be so sure. When Verizon first offered the Treo 600, they were offering a $100 credit if you signed up for the unlimited data plan.

    And I assume that the 25% off is due to your company discount, which you should be able to get regardless.
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    This was on top of the 100 dollar credit. I was already getting the phone for $398. he was giving me and extra $100 service credit.

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