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    OK, I'm seeing all of the discussions flying about on how to convert a 650 for Verizon service. Quite honestly, I haven't gone into them in any great detail, because I'm not seeing any deals on 650s w/o service plans. If I didn't want to wait for Verizon to come out with their version of the 650, where can one get the best price on a 650 w/o service? I'm not finding any deals and suspect that they don't exist.

    BTW, for those that are into SPRINT I posted elsewhere on this site that Amazon is running a great promo for the 650 w/ a 2yr contract - $309.
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    Unlocked Treo 650 from PalmOne - $699..... not worth it....
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    Nice tip re Amazon. Oddly though the only Vision plan I'm presented with is the $30/mo unlimited pocketpc phone edition plan (I get all the other $5 choices like roaming, etc). Any thoughts on this?


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