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    Hello i am new to this forums so i just wanted to say hello.

    Here is my problem. I am currently on a 500min plan for $49.99. It seems that verizon just upgraded their mins and prices. $39.99 now gives you 450 and not 400 like before. Since I am paying that $50 a month should I be getting the better mins with the same price?
    I talked to a CS rep before and he seemed new. He said that I had to add a aditional 2yrs to my contract If I were to get the better mins. That is outrageous!!!!
    I currently have 2 phones on my account. They also have a new family share plan. But i would have to signup with an addition 2 yrs per phone. If I go with that my contract won't end until 2008!!! I wish there was a way for me to end the contract without paying the cancelation fee.

    I also have a treo 600 problem. WHen I do a sync my pictures doesn't show up in the treo pictures folder. But when i checked the logs it does show the treo pictures has been saved. So i took a risk and did a hard reset to see if the pictures were saved if i snyc again. Low and behold the pictures came back. I just wanted to knwo where are my pictures being saved too. I would really like to put some on my desktop.
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    You got bogus info. Call back and ask again. I think you only have to extend for 1 year from the day you sign up for the promo.

    I just wanted to increase my minutes from 400 to 600 and they told me that I'd have to go with a promotion and extend for another ONE year or the $99/month plan for 2000 minutes and keep my old contract date!! I told them "no, thanks" and hung up. A later call resulted me increasing my minutes under the old promo and not have to extend my contract at all.

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