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    some snipits: "
    Q. Didn't Sprint say that it would go directly to EV-DV and skip EV-DO?
    Johnston: Yes, that was the original thought. EV-DV (Evolution Data Voice) is an excellent technology for high-voice capacity and high-speed packet data. EV-DV technology supports both voice and data services in the same channel, making it more cost-effective for wireless operators. But EV-DV will not become commercially available until sometime in 2007.

    EV-DO, however, is based on technology that is available now. Sprint made the decision to deploy on EV-DO to dramatically improve data speeds for customers today, without having to wait until the commercial availability of EV-DV. First commercial availability of EV-DO is scheduled for June 2005, with launch in the majority of the top metropolitan markets in the United States by January of 2006.

    Q. Will Sprint eventually deploy EV-DV or some other technology?
    Johnston: Sprint has a number of options for high-speed mobile access beyond EV-DO. EV-DV is just one option. There is also EV-DO Release A that supports peak data rates of 3.1 Mbps on the forward link (base station to mobile) and up to 1.8 Mbps on the reverse link (mobile to base station.) And, Sprint owns a lot of spectrum in the former MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service) range, so WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is still an option. WiMAX is the IEEE 802.16 wireless network standard that will have a range of up to 31 miles, making broadband access widely available without the expense of stringing wires (as in cable-access broadband) or the distance limitations of DSL.

    Just because Sprint is deploying EV-DO now, it does not preclude any of these future possibilities. Sprint will evaluate all options and choose the best path for customer access speeds and future growth."
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    Sprint/Nextel will use VoIP for PTT "

    about qchat

    yes. its called qchat made by qualcomm and paul saleh said that the latency right now(when they tested it) was around 1.5 seconds and they hope to get it around the sub second level by when ev-do rev a will be launched.

    ev-do rev a will be launched in 2006-2007, while qchat will be launched in 2007-2008 (over REV A of course). (according to the network technology evolution slide from the merger)

    well the reason why i belive that they arent putting voice over ip or qchat over rev o is becuase if one compares rev o and rev a together rev a is a lot faster and yes has a better latency then rev o.. thus; it is wise to wait till ev-do rev a gets launched before they do anything with qchat.

    with higher speeds video calls, i belive, would/should/could be introduced becuase when you have a high data speeds at "Higher data rates: 3.1 Mbps on the forward link and 1.8 Mbps on the reverse link" and "Increased support for low-latency applications" you can do whatever you want when it comes to applications/solutions/products. (for ev-do rev a ... link..
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