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    Recently purchased a Treo 650 from Sprint PCS. Phone works fine. No web access. No email. Continue to receive an Error 71 message (system error. Sign in failed.) Spent houirs with Sprint's tech support more than a week ago to no avail. Trouble ticketed opened. Same message everytime I call, "We're working on the problem, and can't tell you when it may be solved." As I can't get any help from Sprint, I am hoping someone may have a suggestion? Anyone else having this problem
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    Your phone needs to be re-provisoned, make sure you are talking to a Vision Specialist, not customer support rep, if you get a good tech he'll have you going in a few hours.
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    Thanks, dlbrummels for the quick reply. I've been through that with someone from Vision. In fact, was getting Error 67 before support. Went through re-provisionsing and began getting the ever present Error 71. Anyone else?
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    make sure they typed your ESN# correctly into their system. This happened to me. Everyone went for the complicated method first. Then after 1.5 days and a couple trips into a Sprint store, a more practical manager checked the data entry into their system. I was surfing the web in 15 minutes.

    I hope it's that simple for you as well
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    Tier2 support at sprint should help you, but they are tight lipped about just giving you an MSL to reprovision, unless your phone is acting up and they need you to manually reprogram. So, in your case you should be able to get the MSL. PM me with that code. I need to do something with my phone.
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    You can force a provision yourself...

    Dial ##3282
    Go to menu and select 'Update Vision Profile'

    Might work.
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