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    Maybe someone can answer these questions for me in regards to VZW WirelessSync:

    1. When I send a new message it gets sent from the Outbox on the Treo so I was assuming the mail got sent. But when I looked in "Filed" (which I understand really means "Sent") it's not there. I synced a few more times and still not there. It seems like something needs to happen (ie me get a new mail in my inbox), for WS to sync again and send the mail. Then I look in "Filed" and see my sent message. So, I've been BCCing myself on every message I send so that I can see it in my inbox to be assured that it was sent. Am I doing something wrong?

    2. I like the fact that WS syncs my folders and the contents of those folders. I recently changed the name of one of my folders and WS is syncing just fine but it's not updating the folder name on my Treo, and a new messge that I moved into that folder in Outlook is not showing there. It removed it from my Inbox but it's not syncing it back to the Treo. Is it b/c I changed the name of the folder and it's confused?

    3. I know most people prob don't want to do this but I like having the last few days of deleted items on the Treo. The only items that remain in "Deleted" on the Treo are ones that I deleted while reading them from the Treo. If I delete a message in Outlook, it goes to my Outlook deleted items but doesn't get synced to the Treo. Is there a way to sync Deleted Items just like it seems to Sync Sent mail?

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    Also one more issue:

    4. I have Inbox and Filed set to "Cleanup device, delete messages older than 7 days". It removes them from the WirelessSync website just fine but leaves them on my device. What gives? Does this mean I have to manually go and cleanup the items on the Treo?

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