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    I talked to several cs people at Sprint, waiting in between to be sure I always get another person. The last one cracked me up. He said "Those guys (Sprint customers)should not be telling you they got the $10 plan. It is only offered to certain Sprint customers.

    I guess if I stay with Sprint for 7 years I maybe chosen to receive the $10 vision plan. hmm, by then I'll probably have a Treo Killer phone activated on Mars.
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    In order to get the $10 vision you had to have signed up for it back when vision first came out. I hear they offer it with some retention plans, too.
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    Yeah, the $10 plan is available to early users, retention plans but is also a part of many bulk corporate plans. Even 15 bucks is far better than other carriers.

    I've also heard rumblings that Sprint may consider 15 bucks for unlimited hi-speed EVDO (phones only, not laptop cards) to take a pounce on Verizon. Sprint did not have to invest nearly as much as Verizon/Cingular in hi-speed upgrade costs so can probably pull it off.

    My guess is that DUN to laptop will unofficially work on the $15 EVDO plan. Sprint seems to be lax with techies that know how to do it. Given that probably under 5% of users would take advantage of it, they probably let it slip by for the sake of huge competitive difference vs. Verizon/Cingular.
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