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    I got an LG VX 6100 and I have the USB data cable; I have in my computer a bunch of ringtones and I want to download them int my phone, can any one herlp me with a software? thanx
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    do you have the drivers for the USB cable such that your phone is recognized on your computer? If you do, then you just need software that will talk to your phone and be able to transfer files. Verizon sells a kit at their store, but I am not sure if it will be able to transfer ringtones. I don't think so, because they want you to pay for downloaded ringtones.

    However, you can try it out with that kit. Note, Verizon has a 14-day return policy
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    what are the drivers? sorry for my ignorance
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    you might want to try that kit first. I think if you can get it for your specific model of phone, it would have the drivers on the CD. The drivers are the files that make your computer recognize the USB cable and the phone connected to it correctly.

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