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    I'll be getting my T650 within a couple of weeks, and I am a bit worried about the memory issues. If I played with the 650 and didn't like it and refrained from using any minutes on it (or even activating the phone for that matter) could I exchange it for a different handset at a Sprint retail store?

    Unless I'm totally blown away by the screen, I think I'd rather have my T600.
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    The screen will blow you away, but waiting 5-6 seconds to dial and your programs taking up 25-33% more space stinks.
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    I didn't think the screen would make that much difference. I was wrong.

    But to answer your question, I doubt Sprint will take it back if you don't like it. Sell it on ebay, or here. That was my plan. But so far (after 1 day) I plan on keeping it. Time, and more usage, will tell for sure. But so far I've only had a couple of resets, which I could easily trace to installing some particular app. I am, btw, installing and testing one app at a time, so if I run into problems I know what caused it.
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