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    Sound's like the best path. But it begs the question, why all the excitement about "Verizoning" sprint treos, (with all the complications, and occasional failures, involved) when you can get Verizon's best feature from Sprint for only $5 a month?
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    ^Good question. Maybe if locked into a contract you'd stay with Verizon but the efforts to Verizonify a Sprint phone makes no sense to me other than geeks will do it because they can. There are all kinds of risks and literally no benefits, especially with Sprint's low data costs.

    The Sprint $5 roaming does have a limitation as you can't have more roaming minutes than on-network minutes. And you can't roam data (same with Verizon). But if within a metro, that is not likely.
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    Thanks xenophonite. Your take on "verizoning" sprint treos seems very common sense, and I've posed this simple question "why verizon sprint treos?" as a new thread on the sprint / verizon forum to see what kind of response comes back. Sometime simple questions get you interesting answers...
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