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    In a fit of rage the other day, after the bazillionth dropped call on my pos samsung N400, I came back to the house, jumped on ebay, and purchased a refurb white box treo 300 w/ acc for $55

    I picked up this phone as a cheap fix until I could decide if I really wanted a 650.

    I was told on another unrelated board there would be no charge for me to switch phones..........starting to think this is incorrect.

    With all the misinformation going around and pot luck of wether I will get a good or bad.......informed or misinformed CSR on the other end of the line if I call sprint.

    Could someone with real knowledge of this please tell me the facts of what to expect when I go to change phones?

    My contract has run out and until I purchase a new phone I will not sign another. Will they make me change plans?

    Any help or advice much appreciated........TIA, Kevin
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    I haven't been charged for activation on a new phone in some time. I've changed phones several times over the last few years and I can't recall that happening.

    After you've used the 300 for a while, I'm sure you'll be itching to make the jump to the 650. I did the same thing, and the two are like night and day. IMHO, The 300 is a poor PDA and a poor phone. I messed around with it, mainly running whatever hacks, etc, that I could find. Now that I'm using the 650, I am thrilled by having a PDA very comparable to my Tungten C, as well as having a phone with all the bells and whistles of the latest vision phones out there, all in a package smaller than both the TC and the 300.

    Good luck on your activation!
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    You should NEVER EVER be charged for an ESN change on your account. The only time you shoul be charged is if you are a)making a change to your rate plan, which would pro-rate your bill, b) purchasing a new phone at a subsidized rate and activating that phone on your line of service c) making some other change to your account that would require renewal of your contract.

    But a simple ESN swap should not cost you any money and most importantly should NOT extend your contract. Now - you will likely want to add Vision to your account, which may or may not extend the contract...not sure on that one. But yes - it was definitely time to replace the N400. Make sure you get the latest PRL update for the T300, while you're on the line with the Rep.
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    By the way, if you are eligible for Sprint's upgrade program and do an ESN swap on your account to the T300, you won't be eligible again for the mail in rebate for another 18 months.

    So if you want the T650, you should get the T650.

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