Long post.....sorry

I bought a Treo 600 from a friend who switched to another service provider. His business had an account with Sprint, and closed it a few months back. No balance was left on the account, the cancellation went well, etc, etc. I talked with his company's Sprint rep., and he said the phones can be re-activated on the Sprint network. I called Sprint to get it activated and they said the ESN was in use. They looked at the previous account in which the phone was activated an noticed that it was closed out.

I got transfered to the Business dept, and talked with two other people ...including technicians. They all say it should work but are curious as to why it doesn't. I finally got transfered to a manager who would follow the case for me, and call me with updates. The case apparently got transfered to technicians in Kentucky to work on. She says they determined it was a problem with their programming/code and they are trying to fix it. She promised me they would get it working. Every few days she calls and says someone is still working on it, but they have not solved the problem yet.

Has anyone heard of this happening? Is there a way I can speed this process up?

P.S. I have complained to a few people on the 'red phones' and even asked for the opt-put price from them. If and when they get my Treo activated, I will call Retention Dept. and explain the whole ordeal to them and the horrible service I have gotten. Anyone know the direct number? I searched for some but came up with bad numbers....thanks!

Thank you in advance for your help.