Wondering if anyone else is running into this problem. I was nice and happy in NJ, doing my thing, usind SID 22, CDMA 800, Channel 384.....

So I head to NY, and in Rockland County area I switched over to SID 486, which switched me over to ROAM! I could no longer do any of the data work I needed.

This had happened to me a few times before, I had updated the PRL just that morning to THE MOST CURRENT, but still ended up with the problem.

Instead of HARD resetting my phone (Since I had DIGITAL ROAM off previously) this time, I fired up my Service Tool and loaded everything off the phone, and then reloaded the 50018 PRL from "FAQ: Activating a TREO 600 on Verizon". Immediately my VZW signal came back, but this time SID 404.

Has anyone else run into this, or know what I should do about it? Trying to explain to people at Verizon is going to be a task I don't look forward to.