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    I have a open ticket/issue with Version CS. I'm trying to find a letter posted here or on HoFo, about a letter from Verizion about cancelling unlimited data plan due to excessive usage. Someone had a unlimited data plan from Verizon, but due to "excessive" data usuage...the customer's data plan was taken away from them. Also some people stated that the data plan was not "unlimited", but was capped around 100MB...making the "unlimited" data plan mis-leading.

    I'm looking for the letter or the link to this inofrmation....I can't find it, I've searched for it....please help me out.
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    Don't have info on the ltr but from past experience w/ Sprint... People that are using that much data are not using the phone as intended. They are probably using it as a modem... alot and hooking it up to their laptop while on the road or something like that and using it quite a bit. Sprint has taken away users "unlimited" access. IMO if you cap that type of usage to maybe 6 hrs/ month then your activity won't raise any flags at Sprint and probably w/ VZW too. Sprint was telling people the Treo or any internet capable phone is not a modem and they were violating the terms of their agreement by using it as such. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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    I've heard this about Verizon, and also about Comcast cable. I guess they don't mean it when they say "unlimited." Should we redifine the word for them?
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    I used to use about 80MB per month with Express Network on my Kyocera 7135. Since dropping the ExpNet and getting Broadband Access and a 5220 PC card I've been using closer to 200MB per month, no complaints yet. I'm planning to drop my cable modem and use the PC card as my sole internet connection, using a PCI - PCMCIA card in my desktop, here's hoping they don't pull the plug on me!
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    Doubt it. The $80 unlimited Broadband Access with a wireless card is indeed unlimited but the unlimited PDA plan ($44.99) is capped at 100MB to avoid it being used instead of getting $80 plan. No?

    I most certainly use my PDA as a modem but only at hotels, airports where there is no WIFI. I did it with my Kyocera 7135 and now with my Treo 600. Never had a problem with VZW.
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    unlimited = a good amount, but not too much

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