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    A couple of questions...

    1. Do data minutes also eat up your peak minutes?
    2. I have downloaded "Minutes plus" to keep trck of my usage. For some reason the data minutes are always "0". Why? Is it a program limtation or something else?

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    If you're talking about Sprint, and you have a vision plan. It will show your minutes being used on your phone's info but it doesn't actually use those minutes out of your a/t amount.
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    On Sprint data time does not take away from your minute plan if you have any vision plans. Verizon MOU (minutes of use) in which you can browse the web occasionally without adversely using up all your minutes, or paying $29.95-$79.95 for a data plan.

    Not sure about other carriers. Cingular MEdia works is $19.95 but don't tell 'em you gotta Treo.

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