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    I live in Salt Lake City and work in Seattle frequently (Bothell to be specific). I purchased a Treo 650 with Sprint service last week and have been testing it in the SLC area for the last week. So far, the service has been quite good, and I've been seeing data speeds (tested on the Treo) of 60-80k (with 2 bars coverage) and pretty good call quality for voice, though I've been told once or twice that it was obvious I was talking on a cell phone.

    Unfortunately, I won't have a chance to get up to Seattle to test the coverage before my 14-day trial end next week, so I was wondering if anyone can give me some insight into Sprint's coverage in the area. My office is in Bothell, but I'm only there a few days a month. I also travel to most major cities (NYC, LA, SanFran) for work, so insight there would be good as well. I've received positive fedback from friends in several markets (DC, NYC, SF Bay Area), but would love some more input before I have to make the call.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sprint is excellent in the Seattle are, including Bothell. They are paticularly strong along the interstates. I also lived in San Fran & found them to be excellent there as well.
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    I use sprint out of woodinville. It's as good as any. I haven't had a dropped call yet.
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    I use Sprint on both sides of the water - Seattle and Redmond. No problems with Sprint - and I have roaming disabled.

    Don't forget this neat toy, though:
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    I generally get good service throughout Seattle, although I have occasional dropouts at my house near 125th & Hwy 99, as well as when I'm in the warehouse where I work in the Duwamish industrial area. Outside of the warehouse there's no problem. I leave roaming off as well.
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    Wow, that's a really great tool. I decided to return my Sprint Treo for now (still in the trial period). I'm going to see if Apple materializes an "iphone" or if a GSM carrier comes up with a 650 in the next week or 2. If not, I'll find the best deal and re-up with Sprint. The coverage seems pretty extensive in my travel areas.

    Thanks for the help.
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    GSM Treo 650 is still a few weeks off - Cingular is still ironing out some last minute bugs. iPhone will not materialize for quite some time to come methinks...

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