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    Its time re-up my Sprint agreement. I'd like to get a hardware allowance so I can upgrade to the 650. I'd also like to get more minutes. Last year I negotiated what I thought was a decent deal ($150 hardware allowance, $60 for 1K minutes, data and in-network calling). Anyone had any recent sucesses with them?
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    Worst customer service on the planet.

    You never know what you can get out of them. One rep will give you the World, and the next can't be troubled to give you a definitive answer on anything unless you demand it. It's insane... If you want a good deal, keep calling in until you get it - sooner or later someone will give in.
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    they now have a standing policy for a $150 phone credit if you've been with them 18 months since you last reupped. any less and who the heck knows.

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