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    1/5/05 newspaper in Tacoma, WA summarized a national survey in the February issue of Consumer Reports:
    · Surveyed subscribers across 17 metropolitan areas
    · Verizon and T-Mobile are the best; ATT/Cingular in the basement
    · Only 45% of cell-phone users were completely or very satisfied
    · Reasons for dissatisfaction include: billing mistakes, dropped calls, inability to get a signal in some places
    · Customers are frustrated because they find wireless services complicated, making it difficult to compare one with another
    · Major carriers still face a disconnect (no pun intended?) when it comes to pleasing customers

    I currently use Verizon and the coverage has been great in the Puget Sound area. My work does not take me across the nation like some readers. My 2 co-workers use Sprint and the coverage has been good. They are using Sprint not because of choice, but because Sprint is the only one offering the TREO 650. Best bet, IMO, is to try out a phone and carrier during the free trial period.

    Customer service has been great the one time I had to call them to get my voice mail straightened out. One member on TREO Central made a good point: customer service would not factor into his decision making as he rarely expects to have to call. I tend to agree, however, my tune might change if I had to make, say 5 calls.

    I am new to this discussion group, but the input and comments have been GREAT! It has pretty well helped me make a decision on my next phone upgrade based upon what my uses will be – TREO 650. Alas, that won’t be until my 2-year contract expires in September.
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    I just bought that issue of Consumer Reports and read the article. The summary is a little misleading.

    While Verizon was rated highest in every market, and T-Mobile was second in most of them, the middle players (T-Mobile, Cingular, Sprint) were clustered together within 1 or 2 points in almost every market.

    AT&T was the worst across the board, again by a few points.

    According to CR's notes in the article, differences of less than 6 points are statistically meaningless, so you have to factor that in as well...

    Basically, almost no one is thrilled with their carrier's service, Verizon is marginally better than average, AT&T is marginally worse, the rest are pretty close in the middle.

    They do have a nice discussion on CDMA vs. GSM technology and a review of several handsets.
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    JD Power's results are similar but somewhat more favorable for Sprint:
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    I haven't seen the article, but in my experience Sprint has treated
    me pretty well. In two years, they overbilled me just once; I argued
    with them and they gave in. They do drop calls a lot, but I can live
    with that a lot better than I can live with the incredible abuse that
    I used to endure at the hands of Alltel <shudder!>.

    Alltel was hideous. Their phone worked fine (better coverage than
    Sprint, and fewer dropped calls). But almost EVERY month I had to
    fight with them about overcharges on the bills. I mean, I had them
    for 13 months, and about 11 or 12 of those months they tried to
    rob me. It was unbelievable. I met a guy socially who worked for
    them, and when he told me that I said, "sorry, but I hate your
    employer." He replied, "so do I!" So they apparently treat their
    employees as badly as their customers. This was 2 years ago.

    I tried Cingular for a week, after Alltel and before Sprint. They
    couldn't even make their phone receive calls in another state within
    the "regional roaming area." They really didn't have their act together.
    (That was 2 years ago.)

    Around here (Raleigh), people say pretty good things about Verizon, too.


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