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    Am testdriving a 650 on Sprint -- day 2, and good luck prying it back out of my hands. It has changed my world already.

    As a satisfied VZW customer, though, I know i'm giving up coverage. As it happens, I spend a lot of time in the outskirts of Missoula, MT, where I get analog coverage when I roam on VZW. I know that my new Treo will not support analog roaming.

    My question is this: on verizon, you can easily switch from one phone to another by entering the ESN on their website. Is it similarly possible to do the same on sprint (either web-based or manually, via CS)? If so, I could simply swap phone coverage the weeks I'm up there.

    If yes, can I even go so far as to use my tri-band VZW phone on sprint?

    Naturally, I'm hoping to resolve this asap -- in a way that doesn't involve me returning my treo or losing coverage for weeks at a time when i'm up there. Thanks in advance for any help!
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    You can call CS and swap phone ESNs anytime on Sprint. I have done so a number of times. There is a website to do Sprint ESN swaps, but does not support changing FROM a Vision (data capable) phone TO a PDA phone. However calling them works painlessly.

    As far as using your VZW phone on Sprint - that is a strict no no since Sprint does not activate any non Sprint branded phones. They have a database of Sprint branded phones (or carrier specific ESN ranges) and only activate the Sprint branded ESNs.

    You could get a Sprint Nokia or the Sanyo 4920 for analog coverage.
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    as for your first question, yes you can do ESN changes. However they can only be done via CS, not over the web unfortunately. (I think Sprint used to have a web portal where this could be done, but it was only for non-pda phones)
    Not sure about your 2nd question... I'm sure it could be done, but probably not easily.

    I'm in a similair situation as you, and I just bought a used Sprint tri-band phone on Ebay (Sanyo 4900) for the few times I'm in the boonies and need analog coverage.

    One word of caution: if you decide to get ahold of a Sprint phone that supports analog, definitely make sure to get a "3G" (Vision enabled) phone, instead of an old 2G phone. The reason is because if you switch from a 3G to a 2G phone, your Sprint Vision account gets temporarily dropped while using the 2G phone. When you switch back to the Treo your Vision account will get reinstated, but your username changes - which can cause your Sprint PCS mail acct. to get lost/renamed. For instance, it would go from to If you never use your Sprint PCS email acct. then it won't matter, but if you do you'll be annoyed. (I was)

    Virtually every phone that's come out in the past few years IS Vision enabled, but nevertheless it's worth mentioning.
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    appreciate the help
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    I'm curious, do you have to pay the $35 activation fee every time you switch active phones?
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    is to add a second phone line to the account. this doesn't cost anything if you're on a high enough plan.

    the idea being to forward the treo to the tri-band phone when you're going to the boonies, but have the option to un-forward it if you pick up signal. added bonus: if you want to carry a phone while doing things not conducive to a $600 phone (say, camping, skiing, general revelry), you can take the small phone.

    in fact, even though the treo is a killer app, i still think there's room for more than one form factor in many of our lives. switchability among them is a good thing.

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