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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Crap, you mean when Agendus was giving me fits, all I needed to do was call my Sprint CSR???

    Thank you for demonstrating my point so vividly. Of *course* I would not expect a Sprint CSR to help debug a Treo or resolve software conflicts. Why would I? Sprint is widely - and let's tell it like it is - *universally* recognized as having the absolutely positively god awful bottom of the barrel worst customer "service" of any carrier on the planet.

    To your point, these devices are complex. But I guess you've never spoken to Tier 3 customer service at TMo? It's the escalation group within their wireless data group, based in the UK. They're insanely knowledgeable about such things. So much so in fact that one quite famous poster who participates on the board here (I guarantee you that you'd recognize his handle) was been extremely active in solving certain high level issues with the 600 when it came out. I'm sure when the GSM version of the 650 is released we'll see alot more participation by him. He's one of many on the team. And by the way they're shockingly easy to get a hold of. Just call TMo customer service and ask to escalate to Tier 3 in the WDG.

    But of *course* the boards here are helpful. I would never suggest otherwise. You may check my membership tenure to see how long I've found this place helpful and useful. But don't confuse your bad experience with CSRs "everywhere" with the notion that all CSRs everywhere are bad. There are carriers where the service is quite robust and it's easy to get hold of people who really truly know what they're talking about, including those who know more than the most senior, prolific posters here (in fact some of them are one and the same).

    Finally, you address only one type of problem: software conflicts. While this is a major issue with any device where so much 3rd party software is available (frustratingly so) it's far from the only issue one can face with such a device. What about connectivity issues? Throughput issues? Other network issues? Bluetooth profiles and settings? These are things which you might be quite surprised to find are quite well covered in the customer service provided by some carriers.

    I value the community here Kurt, but come on, your view on this is pretty arrogant, don't you think?

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    I've never needed a carrier to assist me with using my PDA. I DO need them to address other issues: Network problems, firmware problems, wireless sync problems, SMS problems. I posted a problem here earlier this week and none of the techies here knew the answer. VZW did the research and called me twice at my home with answers.

    I'm not blaming anyone here for not knowing answers and I appreciate the good information here. Afterall, I'm still around after 4 years.

    Smartphones can introduce a level of complexity which require customer service. Some of us exploit all available features and depend on them for our business/livelihoods. When we encounter problems which cannot be resolved ourselves we need a carrier who will be responsive. I reluctantly pay a little more for better CS.

    I also agree w/anthony regarding T-Mobile. I have a T-Mobile backup phone and I've been impressed with their CS. I'm not equally impressed with their coverage, however.
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    I have had a cell of somekind since 1997. I had At&t, Verizon, now Sprint. Verizon had great coverage in rural areas, but bills were a hassle and they were not quick to fix them.
    At&t just didn't work were I live, anyone I know who has Cingular has the same issues.
    Now Sprint. I have not had issues at all. Any customer service issues have been quickly resolved. The worst part of calling them for me is the sometimes long hold time. I do miss Tri-band that I had with my I-330 as do I do travel through some rural areas, but the T650 does so much more, and as yet I have not been any place I could not get service for any long period of time. Inside big buildings might be an issue occaisionally.
    Now price. 2500 anytime minutes, nights and weekends at 7pm. Unlimited Sprint to Sprint(wife and kids) no roaming or long distance and unlimited Vision service and messaging for only $130 a month. No one else comes close. Thats my business phone.
    My family plan at home is 800 minutes, unlimited nights and weekends 7pm no roaming or long distance. $80 and if they go over it is only 5 cents a minute more. 1000 minutes over would only be $50.
    One other thing I like is that if reception is bad the call drops and I do not spend time trying to hear or talk through static.
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