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    Quote Originally Posted by joe
    I got my return pack in the box for the new treo. It would be easy to miss in the packing material. It is simply an airborn express tyvek envelope with the lables and instructions inside. I think I commented before that, if my old phone wasn't broken before, it would definitely be broken once it reached Sprint.


    lol....Well, I'm pretty sure there was nothing else inside the box, but I'll double check when I get home! Maybe they want me to just wrap it up in the brown packing paper and throw some tape on it!?
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    I received my return kit the same day my 650 came. However, it was in a second package.
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    OK, well I just called a CSR. Since I didn't get a return kit today when I got home either. I am itching to get my T650 set up...being that it has taken me over a month just to get this whole deal set patience is wearing thin :-\ . I just wanted to see if they could tell me whether it had shipped, or what the deal was. The CSR I spoke to was friendly, but you could tell his education wasn't too high:

    "Hello sir, how can I help you today?"
    "I need to check the status of an order for a return kit."
    "Ok sir, I can help you with that. Will there be anything else I can help you with today?"
    "Ummmm...let's just do this one thing to start."
    "OK sir, I see that you would like me to check on the status of an order for you. Is this correct?"
    "Ummmmm....yeah, that's what I said two seconds ago."
    "OK sir, can you give me the phone number of your account starting with the area code?"
    "Yes, it's 111-111-1111"


    The guy ended up reordering me the return kit. He seemed to understand that I already got the phone, but there was no return kit. He told me to disregard one of the return kits in case I received two of them, but he wanted to reorder it just to be sure I got one. How nice of him! Anyways...I decided to open the T650 up and get it charging. I have no idea how I would return it now anyways...
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    I know everyone here loves my daily posts on my situation. SO I'll keep posting

    First off, let me say...I LOVE THIS T650! OK, I'll save any real reviews for another thread.

    Turns out, on Friday, my "Return Kit" showed up. It was shipped UPS in a brown box. Inside was a bubble UPS mailer envelope, with instructions, and a prepaid shipping thing. I'm gonna document this whole process, even maybe video myself throwing my old phone in the bag and sealing it. This return kit was actually from the original order, so I might be getting another one in the mail due to what I already mentioned above. Oh well, I'm gonna get this thing off tomorrow! I wonder how they will apply the credit? Will they refund my credit card? Or just throw more money into my Sprint account? Hopefully it will all work out smoothly.

    On another note, back to my most original post. The one where the supervisor promised to ship me a T650 to replace my 600, and then this whole crapload of crappity crap crap happened. Anyways, she promised to lower my PCS bill by giving me a better plan. When she did this, I made sure that my new plan would still include Vision, and she said yes. Well, she lowered my bill, but she dropped me to a plan that DID NOT include VISION. So Now I am paying cart blanche fees for SMS messages, and VISION access (I just saw it on my last bill). It wasn't too bad (about 16 bucks), but this is not the 10 bucks a month I was paying. Looks like another call to my good friends at SPRINT CS is in order!

    I should have my own dedicated 800 number by now.


    PS - They said I need to call CSR to "deactivate" my phone. Can't I just do this myself?
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    Any wagers to wonder what Treo I might get? Please read my post "Well, guess what happened?", dated March 16, here:


    P.S. "Fool" that I am, I specifically requested that Lockline send me a Treo 600, as I didn't want to appear the scammer, which is one of the many reasons why LL raised its deductable from $35 to $50. But that doesn't mean LL might be out of T600s and send me a "comparable" version! (Wink, Wink...)

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    No surprise...I got the T600! Thankfully, with the Sprint 1.20 updater! Now I can try all those groovy voice apps...
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    Let me do a final and last update.

    All my "hard work" has paid off. I called in the other day to Sprint, and they credited/refunded the 599.99 charge to my credit card that they used to ship out the warranty replacement to begin with. There was no apparent verification that my T600 made it back in one piece, but I guess by the merrits of the fact that I wasn't ever charged for the T650 I got (the 599.99 was placed as a credit on my account, and went towards my monthly bills!) was sufficient for the billing department to refund the charge.

    WEIRD process all in all. But I am now a happy camper with my 650 - it's a beautiful phone, and that SCREEN! PHEW!

    Cya'll later...unless something new happens in this drama.
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    After going through 1 refurbed 650, I called and tried this. I spoke to two CSR, neither of whom were helpful. But... then I hit the jackpot.

    I called, and for "reason for calling" I said "Cancel Service". This takes you to the customer retention department. I told them I was really ticked off that I shelled out $600 for defective hadware-- and they could either replace it with the newest, working hardware (650) or I'd cancel my service and move to Verizon.

    Well, first they tried to give me a "trade in price" (probably $200 or $150)... but I told them that it's ridiculous to expect me to shell out another few hundred dollars to get a working phone.

    After another little bit of time on hold, the Customer Retention guy put me on with the a Warranty guy... who shipped me a 650 next-day delivery. They did take my CC and bill me $600, but they said it would be replaced once I ship back my 600.

    Sweeeeet.... and to think I almost bought a 650 off eBay... :-D

    - Mark
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    I gotta say thank you to all the posters who have posted their experiences with Sprint. I never would have carried out any of my negotiations with Sprint had I not read of the many experiences that you guys have had. Thank You, and here's MY story:

    After reading these posts on this subject, and also being on my fourth Treo 600 in less than a year, I called CService. The very first call I asked for a Sup, and got one who wanted to help. She offered me the 650 at full price, and reimbursement after Sprint received my 600. Then she said that the credit would post to my account, and the billing dept may reimburse me if I contact them. I said "not a chance!" She gave me the option to go to the store and see what a manager would do for me, and that she would note my account and leave her previous offer open.
    After no success at the local store, I called CService back to see what else could be done. The CSR said she could send me the 650 after Sprint received my 600 with me only paying the difference. BOOM! BINGO! POKENO! That's what I was looking for. She sent out a return kit, I got it and sen back my 600 and activated a little cheapo phone to use in the meantime (Sanyo SCP-5300). At this point is where all the trouble came. the warehouse received my phone, but after at least six to seven calls to CService, and HOURS of hold time, NO ONE would honor the 2nd CSR's offer and ship out the 650. Every single one of them said that my account hadn't been credited with for the 600 because a payment for the 650 needed to show on my account first. After so many hours and people, I grew exhausted. I took a day or two without calling to regroup. I found the list of Sprint #'s and decided to call Executive Services. The number was good, but it was to an operator in the Executive Sevices switchboard. This guy said that without the name of an ES Rep, he couldn't connect me! So I got pissed and told him how many CSR's I talked to and said that a CSR gave me this #, and "whatever you do DON'T TRANSFER ME TO ANOTHER CSR OR CSR SUP!" He xansfered me to an ESRep who apologized for my troubles, credited my account, and shipped me the 650 which I got 2 days later. BOOM!
    Bottom Line? If you don't talk to Exec Services you won't get a free ($50) upgrade to the 650. Sprint is now on top of their game with the 650's and has established a protocol or method which they follow to please the unhappy 600 owners. this method requires YOU to pay for the 650 in full, and wait on them to credit your account, and hope that you can get a check back....MAYBE! Good luck if you're in the market!
    "Heroes and Cowards both fear the same things...heroes just react to it differently"
    -Cus D'Mato
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    Thanks for the story IronBlackLion...glad you got the 650.

    Did you by chance get the name of the ES Rep so we can get by the ES switchboard if needed?

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    anyone try the upgrade with ATT/Cingular???

    oops - didn't realize i was in a sprint thread! did a search on 'free upgrades' and ended up here!
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