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    Quote Originally Posted by Blh20s
    I have been FIGHTING with SPRINT for 3 days now. I have my 2nd refurb 600 and it keeps locking up. Only way out is to soft reset. I finally got them to replace my refurb with a NEW 600 but I really wanted the 650. Any suggestions? What type of chance to I have to exchange my new 600 with a 650?
    An update for you all on my situation. After talking with Sprint CSR and going to my local store I am now the owner of a new 650. I had to spend at leasst 3 hours with numerous CSR on the phone but finally was awarded the 650 by the Mgr. When I asked to finally talk to a Floor Super on the phone it took maybe, 1 minute for her to make a decision. She asked me what the price difference was between the 600 and 650. She then figured it was only $50 and said to give me the upgraded 650.

    Happy ending!!!!!
    Semper Fi
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    Thanks for the update, that's good news. Hope you enjoy your new 650.

    I also received mine a couple of days ago as well. :-)
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    We all have some unique experiences with Sprint on this issue, so here's an update on my situation.

    Store called this afternoon with "good news" that the new Treo600 had arrived. Actually, it was yet another refurb, but that point aside I stopped by the store this evening the pick the phone up and check it out with slim hopes that it would actually be an anti-lemon.

    As I had TOLD them earlier this week when I was able to illustrate an on-demand reset of the phone, as soon as I arrived home and the phone was fully activated, I successfully induced the very same soft-reset, which was but a single facet of my overall reliability complaints. They refused to give me the 650 on the spot last time, despite the fact that 3 other Treo600's had the same problem and the only 650 in the store worked just fine, so to state that I plan on riding them like a Viking when I return tomorrow morning is a mild understatment.
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    well it seems business customers are able to get free upgrades. I am not oh well sprint did give me 150 off a new 650 with no contract extension so now my 600 is on ebay
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    Quote Originally Posted by clownracer
    well it seems business customers are able to get free upgrades. I am not oh well sprint did give me 150 off a new 650 with no contract extension so now my 600 is on ebay
    If I can't get any resolution on my replacement issue, I will at least try and get them to extend me the $150 off without contract extension, that's one thing I want to avoid!
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    Quote Originally Posted by damigs
    Hey Zoom....

    Between the two obviously the T650 is my choice. For me the fact of having HiRes display, removable battery, improved camera, BT and easier to type keyboard has got me hooked. Now as far as being more stable I would have to say its the same. Some apps have a tuff time with the NVFS of the new T650 also the memory issue is another headache. I have been a treo fan since the 300 first came out and wouldnt change to anything else. I support many users in my company and when I see an older T600 I kinda cringe and wonder how I ever had one now tham im somewhat spoiled with the new features. As for issues that dont exists on the new T650 are kinda minor. I hated the fact that T600 was sluggish and for anything would hiccup. I also hated the sticker in the back that constantly wanted to peal back. The fact that for anything that touches the display would cause a white dot.. So annoying.
    Yeah, the T650 is pretty slick, it just doesn't warrant a lot of money for an "upgrade" from my T600. A free switch, or a $50 upgrade difference sounds fine to me, but spending 450 bucks on it is too much for the extras the T650 offers. I guess I might be able to sell my current T600 on ebay for 250-300 bucks, but a difference of 150-200 bucks is still steep. I am gonna press the issue again with CSR's, but this effort can be a little draining.
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    Well, my 650 came Friday and its pretty sweet. Sprint, of course, "forgot" the bubble return kit! I called and they said it should have been sent and they'll have it out to me this week. Looks like there will be a $50 difference which I may contest since I was told otherwise. As stated by others, the key here is to call multiple times until you get a rep that cares that you've had problems with your $500 T600 and is willing to do something to help you out.
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    To follow-up on my recent post, I visited my local SprintPCS store this weekend to illustrate the the reset problem that I can easily reproduce on any Treo600 (picture share direct from SD). Like I had said before, I had TOLD them a replacement Treo600 would do the same thing, so I cut right to the chase the minute I entered the store and jumped on the Asst. Mgr. for not listening to me earlier in the week. While he reluctantly agreed to order the 650 for me, he copped a pissy attitude about it and said something to the effect that "yeah, now that the 650 is out, all of a sudden the 600 is buggy". Given that he was ordering up a new phone for me, I gave him a pass on his comment.

    Seriously though; fix the problems or give me a phone that is more reliable. I direct software development for a $100m company; if we have a customer that reports a bug, we do our best to fix it or give them a best-possible workaround. We don't ship replacement software and cross our fingers that problems magically go away, and neither should Sprint.
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    The saga continues: Part 12

    I got in touch with a new rep today. I've tried several times to call in and offer to put the credit on my credit card, but I ran in to too many idiots who didn't know their right from their left. Today after a tiny bit of investigation, the rep said it looks like I just needed to make payment for the warranty up front before they shipped it, and she just took my credit card number like it was standard procedure. She asked me "what phone are you replacing", and I said "T600". I was a little concerned that she was just going to send another T600, and not a 650, so I asked if this is what she was going to do. She first gave me a confirmation number, then said she would look to see if a T650 was coming, or a T600. She put me on hold to check the situation, and after a few minutes, for some reason, I got disconnected. I can't tell you how many times I have been disconnected! I mean seriously, how simple a part of telephone support is that? DON'T ACCIDENTALLY HANG UP ON CUSTOMERS. Anyways, I got the confirmation number, further than I have ever gotten before, and she did specify several times that I would be credited for the money once I returned my old phone. AND it was being called a "warranty kit". I called back an hour later and got a rep to verify that the order had actually been processed, and he said that it had been (seeing as I got a confirmation number). I guess now I will just have to wait and see if I get a T600 or a T650. If it's a 650, than AWESOME, if it's a 600, than at least I may get a NEW 600 as opposed to a refurb'd unit. I'm leaning towards 650 cause she charged my card 599.99 as opposed to 549.99.

    Still holding my breath!

    UPDATE: Checked my PCS account online, and noticed that I have a 599.99 credit to my account. I guess that the "system" reflects my credit charged yesterday, which is a good sign in my opinion. Now I just have to wait to see what the mailman brings!

    UPDATE 2 (10 Feb 05): Still waiting arrival of shipment, this would be the third day in waiting for the shipment to arrive. My credit card reflects the 599.99 charge now billed to "SPRINTPCS-CUSTOMERSVC". I better get something in the mail!!! I'm still in the standard 3-5 day wait period after the order was placed though. Hopefully when I get home I will have a package waiting, or at least a delivery attempt notification!
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    What are my chances of getting a low-cost or free T650 upgrade with Sprint? Please read my post here:

    P.S. Besides what's posted in the above thread, people have told me that sometimes they hear background noise when I call. Doesn't happen all the time, but still, I'm on the job search now and details like this matter...

    P.P.S. I'm month-to-month with Sprint now and have been using them since October 2002 (Treo 300).
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    Good question. Your specific issue aside, I personally feel that there is enough evidence of bugs and issues that are well documented with the 600 to warrant a replacement. From a development and support perspective, I'm not so sure a specific compatibility with TreoGuard would be reason enough in and of itself. I had a specific and repeatable hardware issue, which is a little different; the hardware (SD) works perfectly fine in lots of other devices yet causes the 600 to reset. Tough to argue that one, but a software compatiblity issue is a little more mercurial.

    IMHO, I see your problem as additive to the pre-existing volume of evidence, and would probably approach Sprint from that perspective.
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    I'm so pissed. I spent like an hour at the Sprint store today for them to check on my battery disconnect problem and they told me they couldn't duplicate the problem.

    So then I called up Sprint and was told my 600's warranty expired already, and that I would need to go through Lockline to get a replacement. So I called and they would only agree to exchange it with a re-conditioned 600, not a 650.

    Help? How do I get a free upgrade to the 650?
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    It's a hit or miss chance you can get a warranty replacement. I would just call up the customer support and complain about your ongoing problems with your T600. If you have never had the handheld replaced, it might be hard to convince them to do a "free" upgrade to a 650. I personally am on my 3rd unit, and this one needs replacing as well. I complained that all the replacements were of shoddy quality, and that I wanted to move to a more "stable" unit. I still have yet to see this deal come to fruition as I am waiting on my warranty shipment to arrive (hopefully today!!!). You can read my saga throughout this thread to see what I've been through so far.

    You might find more luck talking about paying the difference to upgrade to the 650 ($50), and if you find no luck with a certain CSR (since most of them are morons), keep calling back and try to strike gold with a good CSR or supervisor. It can be a long investment of time on the phone, and I question the value of doing it in the long run. I mean, which one is more valuable, $600 or hours and hours of time? That's only a question you can answer!
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    my phone is constantly soft resetting like 3-4 times a day for no reason..usually it's switching between apps but it can reset when i'm just listening to a song as well...this is my 3rd 600 i think so i've pretty much had all i could take with it.

    should i go to a store to try to get the upgrade to the 650 or do it on the phone instead??
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    Personally, I found going to the store to be more valuable, but your mileage may vary (just as it does with different CSR's). Thankfully, I was able to illustrate a reset problem to a store-manager; hard evidence in-person is hard to discount and blow off. While they ultimately upgraded me to the 650 after some negotiation, I've just found out that it's a refurb (should I be pissed?)...
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    i also foudn out that my warranty has expired and to get a new phone i would have to go through lockline...i really don't care for them that much..are they pretty much dicks about this?
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    The Sage Continues: Part 24

    OK, so I called again today, because I haven't seen a nice little package from Sprint, and it's been 3 weeks. The CSR rep said that all he can see is that the order is "In Progress". He couldn't provide tracking info or anything else. He reccomended I call "tele-sales", and then attempted to transfer me. After a few times of not getting to the right people, I eventually got transfered to a guy in "order support". He looked into my account, and found that apparently, the CSR who took my Credit Card number actually ordered me a refurbished Treo 300!!!! That's right, a Treo 300; and refurbished too! Looks like I struck gold people! I think everyone should call in and request "upgrades" to Treo 300's...see how the CSR responds.

    This is baffling to me...I was charged 599.99 for a refurbished T300. The order support guy immediately saw the error of all this, and began to look into the situation. He asked me what phone I was supposed to be getting, and what phone I was replacing. When I told him I should be getting a 650 for my 600, he didn't bat an eye, he just cancelled the previous order, and set up a new order. At the end of the process, he gave me an order # for my replacement phone, and a seperate order # for my "Return Kit". He said they should be delivered in 2-3 business days.

    WOW...I'm still holding my breath on this one, but my confidence is slowly rising. I guess the real reason that my order has been "In Progress" for so long, is that the shipping department doesn't even have any T300's to ship out. Maybe they were requesting P1 to make one more for me? How nice of them!

    As an additional note, he said that once my T650 came in the mail, I would have to have it "physically configured"...not sure what that means. He said I could take it into a store, or call some number. hmmmmmmm....
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    The Saga Continues: Part 25

    Well....guess what? I got a package today...from Sprint! Yes, and Treo 650 was inside. At this moment, I am speechless. I don't want to touch it until I have received the warranty return kit, which is supposedly a seperate order. I am a little nervous it may not arrive, but I will give it a little more time. The Order support person specifically gave me two seperate order numbers, one for the phone, the other for the return kit, so I guess it's not out of the question to receive the orders on seperate days? Anyone care to comment on when they received their return kit and their replacement phone?

    I may PM a few of you to ask!
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    I got my return pack in the box for the new treo. It would be easy to miss in the packing material. It is simply an airborn express tyvek envelope with the lables and instructions inside. I think I commented before that, if my old phone wasn't broken before, it would definitely be broken once it reached Sprint.


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