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    I just got off the phone with the sprint customer service. While the guy was nice enough to talk to, he had me jumping hoops to get my $150 rebate.
    First off, the rebate was supposed to be automatically deducted against my future bill. It say so clear as can be on the PalmOne website. The CS person had no knowledge of this rebate. He wanted me to talk to the mail in rebate company they use, but I said I already got off the phone with them and they were of no help. I begged him to call himself and give me a solution or give me to a manager. The solution he gav eme was to write a letter and include all my information to the mail in rebate company to get the 150 rebate. Who screwed up here, PlamOne and their website or Sprint customer service?

    Any body else get this problem with their rebate from Sprint when the phone was purchased from PalmOne and activated with Sprint?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe19382
    Who screwed up here, PlamOne and their website or Sprint customer service?
    That's an easy one, the Sprint rep is ignorant. It's all on Sprint's website too.

    On the one hand, Sprint's lousy customer service is a real pain in the ****, since most of them have no idea what the actual policies/offers are and tend to be unwilling to actually look into it. On the other hand, Sprint's lousy customer service is a major advantange, since you can just keep "rep shopping" until you get one that will offer you things that *aren't* actually in their offers/policies.

    Frankly, it's a wonder they manage to stay in business.
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    Call customer service at (800) 658-7564 and politely explain the situation. If they are unable to help you, ask for a supervisor. If they are still unable to help you, ask them to note what they have done on your account.

    At that point, call (866) 273-2163. That is the Sprint Trouble Department. If there hasn't been anything noted on the account, they won't be able to help you. If they see that the other less able reps were unable to help you, they should fix you situation. They can do practically anything in that department.
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    I bought my T650 from CompUSA. The $150 rebate was instant (deducted from the price I paid), and they gave me a free bt headset worth $99 which I exchanged twice and settled for the Motorola HS810. There's also a $50 CompUSA rebate that I hafta mail soon. Final cost = $249 with 2yr contract
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    I just got off the phone with Sprint, and I'm really mad. It's been 2 1/2 months and no rebate. After explaining my problem to four people (the fourth was titled a "manager"), I was told the problem was mine because I never mailed in the "FORM". Nowhere in PalmOne's discussion of the rebate does it talk about a form to mail-in for the rebate. It simply says to ask your Sprint representative about it, which I did and was never told about this form.

    Anyway, I'm supposed to now devote my time to copying the receipt, and faxing it to them (don't have a fax in my house, will have to waste part of my day finding one). I'm doubtful this will take care of things, I'll still probably have to spend another 1/2 day calling them to get things worked out.
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    Well, mine was just about as bad, first off the local sprint store give me an expired form, I call the Rebate customer service, they tell me its okay, send it....Then THEY REJECT IT! I call them back and got a very nice competent customer service rep. who cleared that right up. almost 3 weeks later the site displays the check has been issued. 31 days later, after the mailing date of 12/30/04 no check. I call and they tell me allow 10-15 business days...its at 29 now and he would not even listen!! I finally call back on Febuary 3rd...they then cancel the original check and mail another. I received it today...started this saga on November 30th with the mailing of the rebate forms....ends Febuary 10th..hmm wonder what they would do if I took that long to get my monthly payment to them...think we know the answer to that! I really think this mail in process, even though they say designed to eliminate fraud, will sooner or later hurt them. Most other companies will still provide the "on the spot" rebates. Sprint rebates so far IMHO are just a hassle and headache.
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