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    Has anybody else seen this yet?[/URL]

    I'm on it- nothing to lose.
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    Having trouble with the hyperlink. Sorry for the "cut-and-paste" business.
    and it all started with a SHARP Wizard
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    Trying to keep the thread alive and generate interest... mostly out of my own frustration admittedly

    Nearly 3000 on the list so far. I just wanna know that I'm not alone in my fury and dwindling patience.
    and it all started with a SHARP Wizard
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    With all the issues the 650 has seen, I really don't see why anyone would prefer it over a 600 right now, especially with the better price you'll be able to get for the 600.

    The improved screen and bluetooth (surely crippled by Verizon) isn't enough to overcome the voice quality or file format/memory allocation issues the 650 presents.

    The 600 is still a very good product.
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    I believe the 650 is already in what's this petition going to do? Once testing is complete, we'll get it...and personally I'd like VZW to get some more of the bugs out of the product... Hopefully we won't be complaining as much as the first people to get the phone (sprint).
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    My thoughts exactly, RicoM. Verizon isn't dumb enough NOT to have the 650 in their sights, but Sprint has an exclusive right now, so it probably isn't even an option for them. Verizon tends to sit on their products a bit longer - take longer in testing - not that that seems to make them any less buggy than any other vendor...But I don't know what the petitioners want - the 650 will be on Verizon eventually. Or not. Only time will tell, and I HIGHLY doubt a petition will be of much influence. What WILL be of influence is the performance of the 650 in the market - if it does well with other carriers, VZ would consider it. If it does poorly, they probably woudln't...
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    I guess I'm just venting a little bit. I know the 600 price has dropped, I'm just concerned about buying one and then having the 650 released the next week (with my luck). As far as the petition, I just found it... reassuring that there are people out there as crazy as I am who would actually draw up and sign such a document.
    and it all started with a SHARP Wizard
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    In my opinion, having the 650 released days after purchasing the 600 wouldn't be a bad thing.

    In fact, right now, if Verizon offered both, I'd confidently walk in the store and put my money down for a 600, even if both were the same price. The drawbacks simply aren't overcome by the few improvements and the wow/new factor in my mind.

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