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    OK...I just renewed my contract with the Free & Clear Plan since that's what I had last time I renewed a contract. But my friend and I got in a discussion about his plan and I eventually learned that Fair & Flexible slapped the hell out of Free & Clear in EVERY aspect.

    They both offer free roaming on their America plans, which is what I thought the Free & Clear excelled in.

    I never realized how great it was and that the America plan still retains the free roaming. Anyway...can anyone offer me a reason not to change to the Fair & Flexible Plan, where you can't possibly pay any more than you should???
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    Fair and Flexible is good if your usage fluctuates greatly - say you use 300 minutes one month and 800 the next. BUT if your usage stays relatively consistent - for example I use 300-500 minutes every month - then Free and Clear is a better deal. With F&F you pay more for your minutes on the lower end of things - the costs improve if you use a bit more per month.

    The roaming feature "America" can be added to any plan for $5 per month, so pick the plan that is most cost effective for you. Take, say, your last 5 invoices and calculate your costs based on both plans and go from there...

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