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    i have read, that sprint gives you 14 days to cancel your service without penalty.

    is this also true if you buy the 650 from palmone? dont they give u 30 days?
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    Sprint gives you 14 days to try them out. The place you purchase the phone from generally gives you 30 days to return the phone.
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    does verizon do the same?
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    i bought mine from palm and i had a problem with it after 3 weeks and went to the nearest sprint store and they told me 2 weeks i mentioned that the treo on palm site claims 30 days and they exchanged it for a brand new unit.They wanted to get me a refurbished unit and i refused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallardo
    does verizon do the same?
    14 or 15 days with Verizon.

    30 days with Cingular (only 3 days to get your activation fee back though).
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    When you buy a treo and activate service, those are two separate purchases. 1 is a contract with Sprint that you have 14 days to cancel if you want to avoid paying $150 penalty for early termination. The equipment purchase return policy is totally separate and depends on the retailer.
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    I thought I heard new California law all phone co's 30 days.
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    Yes, 30 days in California.
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    thank god our lawmakers to something very important like that for the citizens of california...

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