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    I received a call today (NO CALLER ID) from a Verizon rep stating that my account was flaged because I had a Treo 600 and NO data plan. I am on a 2000 minute family plan. She stated I had to select a data plan, unlimited, limited or by the minute or I could not use the data feature of the 600. She said she was sorry that I was MISINFORMED when I bought my phone but I could not use my minutes for data.

    She offered me a new lower minute plan with 1300 minutes at a $30.00 savings per month. Although she left it up to me to call and let them know if I want to switch. I will wait and see if I lose my data ability.

    Just wondering if anyone else got this type of phone call.

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    That's bothersome. My mom just got a Treo 600 to replace her Kyocera 7135. One of the first things I noticed is that the network is locked. I went in to it to try to make sure that it was on QNC so that she could connect using her minutes. She never had a data plan on her 7135 because she didn't use it much, and when she did QNC was plenty fast enough for her.
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    1) You can create 'new' network setting under a new name.

    2) Some people are using a dial up ISP to get around the ban on NA MOU.

    3) This may still be an area of contention as many of us can still use NA MOU.

    4) This would not be an issue if Verizon had a data plan priced like Sprint ($15 vs $45 for unlimited data).

    5) Is this the beginning of the 'Dark' era when the cell phone companies try to force us into a variety of proprietary programs, like Get It Now, etc.
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    i went through this yesterday, see post

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