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    Hello - later today I am going over to VZW to get the treo 600, I am currently using Blackberry (Tmobile) but am happy to make the switch. The push email is not as important because I am using the bwc and not the enterprise solution. So as it stands now it goes out and retrieves email about every 15 minutes.

    So my question is does the Treo come with software that will allow me get my email from multiple pop3 accounts or do I have purchase additional software?

    Also how is the battery life on this? It will mostly be in a cradle during the day.

    1 more thing to anyone who made the switch from BB to Treo600. How is the learning curve, I have owned multiple palm os devices in the past but I type real fast with the BB and I fly with the scroll wheel.

    Thanks in advance for the help!!
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    The 600 does have a mail program that will fetch multiple pop accounts at different intervals. I used it for a while but got tired of deleting them off my desktop client and my treo. I would suggest an IMAP solution with Chatter. You delete emails just one time. Plus when you get a new're notified instantly. You can sign up with a free fastmail account and then pull all your pop accounts to one inbox that would show you in real time what emails are on your server. Good luck. Do a search for chatter...its worth it.
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    thank I will look into it but I have a question. Can I just delete the email from my T 600 while keeping it on my yahoo account and work server? I would be think that it would start taking up most of my Treo memory?
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    Actually, with Verizon, they do not bundle an email client with the Treo. If you have a data plan, you can use their Wireless Sync which will sync your email at predetermined intervals.

    Otherwise (as I have done), SnapperMail works great for POP (they also support IMAP, though I don't use it). As mentioned by t2gungho, Chatter is an alternative for IMAP.

    Battery life is great, and if it sits in the cradle while you are at work, you shouldn't have any problems with having enough juice.
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    PabloTX has given you good advice for your POP3 needs -- get Snappermail. Yes, you can delete your POP3 mail and leave it at the server. Just make sure you set it up that way in the Snappermail preferences.

    For your corporate mail, Wireless Sync will work fine for you. It operates like a Blackberry for Treo devices so it will push mail instantly when changes are made at the server -- not at certain intervals. (The "Readysync Interval" option is designed for the Kyocera 7135).

    You can either have it work as true BB or you can disable "push" and sync at will. If you are concerned about battery life, just set the "minimal battery level" high and it will stop pushing at that point.

    I don't believe you MUST have a data plan but it is highly recommended if you enable the push capability. You can have it disconnect automatically but I wouldn't trust it. You might want to get the minimum ($25) plan unless you plan to use your Treo as a modem.

    Most of my co-workers have BB devices. However, I'm very pleased with Wireless Sync and would not switch to the BB and lose all of functionality I have with a Palm device.

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