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    I just purchased my Treo on Christmas eve. I specifically told the sales person I did not want a data plan and I was warned that a big bill could be a problem. I've been very dilligent about shutting down my network connection when not in use and I haven't rec. my first bill yet as my billing date is the 1st of the month.

    When I look at my usage on the verizon website I see it is not only counting my minutes used but seperately listing my data usage. Since I have no data plan it is my understanding from reading this forum that minutes should be used instead of data since I didn't sign up for a plan.

    Is it normal to see my data listed seperatley until I get my first bill?

    I'm only at 1.4MB so far so the bill, if billed seperatley, should be under $12 extra if they bill at the .008/KB. I'll keep my usage small until I get that first bill but I'm looking for reassurance before hand that everything is as it should be on the website.

    If this is the way others see their usage when having no data plan I'd be interested in hearing about it.

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    If they count your bytes,then you are in one of the DATA plans,cause they won't activate the Treo w/o data plan now,but you still can call them to cancel it,and add the MOU or 1XPP1 for using minutes only.
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    What is the difference between MOU and 1XPP1? If I call up to cancel my data plan and use minutes, which will they give me? I feel like an @$$ calling them up and telling them exactly what codes to enter into my account.

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