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    This person got charged over 100.00 with DUN usage...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fl00d_pr0z
    Exactly... Thanks, atleast one person doesn't think I'm pulling this out of my ***
    We all know the TOS exist

    But this statement....
    Quote Originally Posted by fl00d_pr0z
    That is all true. Read the TOS that every Sprint user signs... No use of a phone teatherd to a computer is allowed. Sure, people do it, but it's against TOS and the cap isn't 2Gb. More like 40MBs.
    couldn't have come from anywhere else!
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    Couldn't have come from anywhere else ?
    What's that supposed to mean...
    Who in their right mind would believe you can download 2GBs of data on your cell (Which again is against tos to do to begin with, proof above) ?
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    But a 40mb limit? Thats rediculous!
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    You have to remember... It's a cell phone company... Not wireless DSL.
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