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    I've been using Verizon's Wireless Sync service with my Treo 600 for a couple of months now. Everything was workjing great until 12/26, when all of a sudden it just stopped working. The problem is on the PC end... the PC monitor software can't send the Outlook data to the server. I get error messages when I try doing a sync or when I try using the setup wizard, specifically two errors that look something like this:

    Error MAPI_E_NETWORK_ERROR (80040115) V:\Portal\...[[a long path here]]

    The weirdest thing is that I haven't changed anything on the PC, and in fact the PC itself is dedicated solely to Wireless Sync. I don't use the PC for anything else. The PC's Internet connection is fine, I tried opening Outlook and everything works fine, etc. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    It has been consistently working for me. (It is nice to be able to get corporate mail and NOT have to officially log on while on vacation.)

    How old is your setup? I started using the service in July and they've made a lot of updates since then. A month or so ago, I deleted everything, reinstalled. You might want to do that. The added benefit is that you will free up space on your Treo.
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    Oh yeah, the 80040115 error. I am familiar with it. I have not had WS service for 3 weeks now since our people converted over to Exchange 2003. Nothing. Nada. Zip. I'm not convinced that I'm going to get it back either. It's a real pain.

    It's not a WS problem, either. At least not at far as I have been able to determine. I think it has to do with our e-mail setup.

    Check with your IT people about your e-mail server and see if any changes have been made.

    If you want, do a google search on the error, there's a lot out there. Several MS knowledgebase articles at the very least.

    Good luck and let us know what you find out.
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    Steve, let me know if you switch to another service. I love WS but do hate being dependent on it -- I'd like to be able to switch carriers and keep the same functionality.
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    Beryl, I have looked and looked and I have to tell you, Verizon and WS are still the best by far. The problem is simply that the more the applications are out of your direct control, the more likely you are to have problems. For me, I am part of an IT department that can't shoot straight. It's sad. We don't even run our own e-mail system, we rely on another agency and we have 7,000+ employees. So I have to get e-mail details from an agency that is 200 miles north of me. It's pretty pathetic.

    But that's my problem, not Verizon's. Their WS has been *pretty good*. Not perfect. But my e-mail is more unstable than their system. So I know who to blame most of the time.

    I think it will be unavoidable that WS will be the best package around unless you use RIM's BlackBerry software when it is released (supposedly) in January. RIM's Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) 4.0 seems pretty impressive, so I'll be curious to see the PalmOS implementation of the application. If it looks good, I'll load it onto my Treo and register my device on our BES. Until then, it's WS all the way. Even then, you'll be dependent on a server based implementation. All the redirector based applications are shutting down it seems.

    I'm sorry to hear that you've had so many problems with Verizon. I'm surprised actually. Their pricing is pretty rough, but their service IMO, has always been exceptional. Hopefully Cingular will catch up in the next 24 months, but from my viewpoint in NYC, I'm not holding my breath. They have a long way to go to get the level of building penetration and quality of coverage that Verizon maintains currently.

    If I lived in Florida, I wouldn't say the same thing, since Verizon uses the same frequency as Sprint and their building penetration is no better and no worse. But here in NYC, it's Verizon or you're just making excuses (not you of course just in general).

    Good luck, and I'll post if my experience changes.
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    Thanks for the feedback, Steve. Actually, I'm not having problems with VZW or WS. I'm am having problems with the Treo 600 SMS bug but CS friendly VZW just keeps sending me replacements (I'm on my 5th) so I'm not complaining.

    WS is working very, very well for me and I'm using Domino/Notes --technically not supported.

    However, I have no VZW stock so I'm not carrier-loyal. If something better comes along, I'm there.
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    Beryl - do a
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    @nrosser -- ???
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    If you want carrier flexiblity check out These folks make and operate the WS product for Verizon and have their own version which is carrier agnostic.
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    Nrosser, I had to laugh at that post. It's the perfect tease...

    Beryl, what's the problem with SMS? Are you getting resets? Are you using Agendus? Just checking since I had a similar problem earlier on.
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    Yes. It is a like a virus and once it strikes your phone, hard/battery resets won't cure it. It is tied to the device (not the phone number) so all you can do is replace it. I'm on my 5th Treo 600 (4th replacement) and figure that they will send me a Treo 650 or XV6600 eventually.

    No, I don't use Agendus.
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    I'm sorry to hear Beryl. My only comparison was that I was using Agendus and every time I got an SMS, the phone would reboot. It was driving me crazy. Then I found that the problem was related to Agendus handling all the SMS messages. SO I disabled that functionality. I didn't want it anyway.

    Even now, I am in Florida just relaxing with family and every time I get a call from my brother, my phone resets. He's the only one. Go figure! So I can't do anything until I get home next week. That's the negative with these phones. We love all the advanced features, but the complexity runs into problems so frequently.

    In any event, good luck Beryl.

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