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    No, I'm not in a affiliate market........ 7PM N/W are Free and PCS 2 PCS are included. You have to ask for it though.
  2. #22 have a retention plan. A new customer cannot generally get those deals.
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    I have two lines on my account, one of which is a T650. For $123/month (that includes taxes) I get:
    2000 anytime minutes
    All of the normal long distance, unlimited n/w, etc.
    Unlimited SMS
    Unlimited Vision
    Unlimited Picture sharing
    Insurance (which is probably a waste)
    ReadyLink on the other phone
    Business Connection

    I dare any other carrier to try and match that. There's something to be said for dedication. I've been with Sprint for 5 years through the thick and thin, and unless they decided to chop their towers in half, there's really nothing that would drag me away from them at this point.
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    I do have a rentention plan... But stop assuming all these things... "OH you're in an affiliate market..."Ah you have a retention plan" When I never said those things... Before I had a retention plan I had Free PCS 2 PCS and N/W starting at 7... Retention plans N/W usually start at 8, not 7, not 9, but 8... And if you call, anyone can pretty much get PCS 2 PCS for free.
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    I sell the stuff so I know what is available for free to new customers and what those new customers have to pay for. You never made it clear that you were an existing customer. You almost made it sound as if you walked into a Sprint store and came away with all of these free add-ons. I was just clearing the air and letting others who may not have Sprint know what is or is not available for new customers so they don't potentially get disappointed.

    At any rate, I wasn't trying to attack you.
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    Overall I have to agree - Sprint is very competitive in their pricing. I think other carriers may have the edge on the low-end plans - say 500 mins or less - but once you start to creep up to the 700-1000 minute mark, Sprint really starts to shine. And NO other carrier gives you all you can eat, unbridled data for $15/month.

    Retention plans are nice, but they aren't a reality for switchers. What you should focus on instead are things like getting a friend to "refer" you - saves you $10 on your next invoice - or taking advantage of promotional offers, such as the limited time they were offering free nights starting at 7pm for new subscribers. If you're looking to switch, just keep your eyes peeled for good promotions - and if you work for a corporation, find out if they have a corporate discount. I get 8% off my monthly invoice because my company has a contract with Sprint.

    I work with all four major cellular carriers daily (internal wireless telecom services department for a big company), and I have been EXTREMELY pleased with the service and support Sprint have given me as a consumer. Unless AT&Tingular's pricing changes, I suspect I'll be sticking with Sprint for quite awhile...and'd actually have to PAY me to switch to their service.
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    FYI: As you know, Sprint has unlimited data for a fee, which differs between Palm and MS smartphones. If you have more than one phone on your account, and not all of them require data (ie if you have the family plan and don't need the kids to have this luxury), simply have a "non-data requiring phone" as the primary on your account. Instead of the $15.00 per month fee, it is $5.00. I have 5 phones on my account, and I'm usually the primary account, but when I switched from Verizon to Sprint, the Sprint saleswoman (who had also worked in customer service at one point) asked me if I needed to be the primary. She said she could save me the difference if I put one of my kids phones as primary (as I would NEVER let them have unlimited, unsupervised access anyway). I pay 5.00 for unlimited everything with Vision Professional, and am thinking of dumping Brighthouse Cable at home - given the DUN capability that we have. I'm a happy camper.....
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    One biggie for sprint is the low cost overage charges, how can you beat $5 for every 100 minutes over? On a shared fair and flexible plan that is a good option. Most other carriers charge $.40 a minute for overages.
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    Hey, I like Sprint and I have been with them since 1998. In 2000 someone told me how to play the mobile pricing game. I also at this time became landline less. The prices are very competitive with the other carriers. But if you want better, you need to learn how to play the game with your carrier.

    Base Plan cost $40
    Free PCS to PCS
    Unlimited Vision cost me $15 plus $5 credit (I using the for Handmark Express $6.99, cost to me, only 1.99 a month)
    Insurance $4
    Minus 5% loyalty, Minus 5% Bis

    750 anytime minutes/all minutes can be used for long distance
    3000 nights and weekends starting at 8pm (This is more than what I will ever use)
    50 free roaming minutes a month
    Unlimited SMS and Vision (as long as I donít use it for a modem)

    First incoming minute free (I forgot this one)
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    What I would like to see Sprint or Verizon offer is a deal like T-Mobile offers with the Sidekick. $29.99 for a data only plan, unlimited data that is. With pay per use phone calls ($0.20 per minute). I had a sidekick and mainly just used it for IM and email. I would make an average of $2 - $4 worth of phone calls per month.
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