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    I got unlocked sprint treo 600 ,but my provider (bell mobility) wont activate it for me cos it's against their retarded policy...
    Can I do it myself?
    What happens if I replace prl file , sim card and put my current phone number
    in treo using kyocera service tool that I used to unlock it?
    Does anybody know?
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    I read somewhere about some hardware differences between t600 from sprint and bell.Is that true?
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    Peter. tell me if it worked. i made my Treo work with bell but i need to update PRL and i cant seem to make it work. what can be the problem. you know ??
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    Italbro, you said you got it to work with Bell, what do you mean? and how? I just bought mine on ebay and took it to bell to activate it, one place said that it is again Bell policy, but another would try but couln't get it working without the lock code.
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    I still haven't found a bell dealer that would activate unlocked sprint phone for me
    Do you know any place that does that?
    Italbro ,what exactly is your problem with prl file? do u need a link to get it?
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    Peter, I just got my sprint pcs treo 600 activated on bell mobility. So keep in mind that there is hope, if one shop says no, try another, look for the smaller booths as they may be less informed of their corporate policies or not as uptight about it. If you are in the GTA , email me if you still can't find one that would do it for you. I don't want to give out the location on the web just in case it might get them in trouble.
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    were you guys able to get the PRL updated for Bell. I am on Sasktel (a bell partner - don't know if the PRL is the same but I believe it is). My phone works except it is always roaming and it needs to be on home to connect to 1x and download the data settings so I can't surf. Any ideas on getting it off roaming?

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