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    I am considering leaving T-Mobile, not because of any service problems, but because I like the 650 and got to use it on Sprint's network for a few minutes. It is so much faster than my 600 on T-Mobile, probably the new browser is part of that, but I'm sure the network speed played its role. I need to know what others have experienced with Sprint here in Chicago though, as I have heard bad stories in the past.
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    I lived in Chicago for 3 years from 2000 to 2003, so this data may be too old for you. But my experience with Sprint, while not overwhelming, was better than the experiences my friends were having on other carriers. Most notably against T-Mobile and Verizon. AT&T Wireless seemed to fare pretty decent in Chicago, but I don't know how the Cingular merger affects them.

    I lived both in the Gold Coast and Lakeview (Belmont and Clark area) and my reception was always between 2-4 bars. Never at one or below. These were with a Samsung clamshell (forget the model, sorry) and a Treo 300. I don't remember too many dropped calls or connections failing, so it must not have been an issue for me.

    A reason why you experienced faster data speeds is the nature of Sprint's network - the old 1xRTT (Sprint) vs. GPRS (T-Mo and other GSM carriers) thing. For the most part, you will experience faster data rates on Sprint's network. At least, that has been my experience and that is the main reason why I have stuck with Sprint and their Vision plans ever since I started using smartphones.

    That being said, I will switch, if I have to, when true 3G implementation becomes more available - whether that means EDGE or EVDO or whatever else is in the pipeline.
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    I read here in Treocentral that Sprint spent BIG $ in the Chicago area to upgrade their coverage and that the coverage is excellent. I can't remember which thread but a forum search should bring it up. I can't speakfrom experience as I live about 150 miles from there.
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    I live in the lincolnshire area and reception was terrible and the call quality is poor on the treo line I switched to tmo and have loved my call quality and reception.for example,I can now use in the basement with 4 bars and couldn't use before.also if you travel abroad and want to use your phone,don't even think of leaving gsm.the 650 will be avail on gsm shortly and I would wait
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    Sprint in Chicago is much better than it was three or so years ago. My signal strength varies, but is almost always good enough. The only times I have problems are in underground parking garages like Millenium Park where the signal will float between Roam, 0, and 1 bars, and inside a skyscraper (45th floor) where the signal drops to 1-2 bars in the middle of the building. Signal strength is fine everywhere else I go. No problems anywhere in the western burbs that I've seen.
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    Sprint is great in Chicago.. i have been a sprint customer for about 7 years adn have been very happy.

    At first it was spotty but i can honestly say that when i leave downtown and travel on the highway for about 40 min or so in any direction i get no dropped calls,.

    People always ***** sprint sucks etc etc... but i doesnt

    I am very happy with sprint
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    It's all good.....never had a problem. Even reprovisioned my phone via the web site......reception of voice and data signals is great!!

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    For me, the Sprint coverage is pretty good in Chicago. Its not the best it could be, but I average 2-3 signal bars wherever I am. Good enough for me. I would recommend it.

    Sprint Treo 650

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