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    I haven't heard anything new about the new plan that VZW was testing a month or so back....the $15/unlimited data.

    Has anyone heard on the process of this? They suppose to have been testing this in certain test markets and I was really hoping they'd release the 650 with the new data plan being available.
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    Yep, but it's a test run of unlimited data EV-DO style. I think there's only one EV-DO capable Verizon phone, and that's the PPC-660x.
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    Where did you hear that it was a test of unlimited data EV-DO? The article I originally read mentioned that the phone they were testing it on was an EV-DO phone but it didn't mention anywhere that the data plan was going to be only for EV-DO.
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    I work for a third party retailer and I believe our Verizon rep told us. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure of this. It makes sense considering that they are only offering EV-DO in certain markets.

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