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    I got nailed with a huge Vision Bill for my 650, so I'm sorting it out with Sprint A few facts and questions

    1. I was never offered a vision plan. Not at $15 a month, not even a 2 month trial

    2. My last Sprint combo was a Wireless Data Link with the visor prism and usuage time on the web and e-mail came off as minutes from our total plan, not as KB usage.

    3. We have a very old plan, and my wife was told that vision was included in the plan at no extra cost when she bought a new phone a year ago

    4. We have add a phone and yet, when I spoke to sprint today, they told me I was on a different plan even though we shared minutes. I was mighty confused. They said the vision only applied to her phone, not mine.

    Clarifications, suggestions and answers appreciated. They are going to call me back in the am.
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    Vision can be added to the "addaphone" for an additional $5 per month. At least thats how my plan works.
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    Call (800) 658-7564 and politely but firmly ask for a service credit. On some old plans you get Vision for free, but you have to had a Vision capable device at the time that plan was available.

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