I am new and I just bought a treo 600. I was looking at the call log. It said

kilobytes sent: 56
kilobytes received: 245
Total kilobytes: 301

I have no data plan. My plan is the America's Choice 400 and unlimited in calling and unlimited nights and weekends. And using my minutes to use the internet. I looked online to see if I can see the minutes used for internet and i didn't see any difference in minutes used. I saw the kilobytes and was curious if i was going to be charged.

My question:

Am I going to get charged using the kilobytes?

How do I know if i'm using dial-up to access my minutes for the internet?

Is there anything else I should no when I use my internet?

What should I expect when I see my bill?

If theres a question that I'm not asking...just add additional info.

Thanks in advance