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    I've tried searching for the answer, but no luck...

    I got a verizon phone today, and in preparation for buying a treo my understanding is to have EN-MOU added onto the plan (no data plan, just uses minutes). When I spoke to CS I explained I what I wanted and they said it's called National Enhanced Service Access. Is this the same thing??? All posts on here say to get EN-MOU. With National Enhanced Service Access apparently I can use the phone as a modem with a laptop to connect to the internet. Is this going to allow the treo (when I get one- on backorder) to do it's thing on the internet?

    I can't tell if we're talking about the same thing and giving it different names. Please clarify.......

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    Does anyone know the answer?? Bueller, Bueller
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    Yes it's the same... I went through the same thing just yesterday.

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