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    The story has broken on
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    The article mentions that if things stay on track there will be an announcement soon.
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    I'm not subscribed, does it suggest who the management team would be? Sprint or Nextel?
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    found this...
    Another Wall Street Journal exclusive—Sprint and Nextel have reached a tentative agreement [paid subscription req.] on the proposed merger.

    The talks, characterized as advanced negotiations, could still fall apart, but if things stay on track, a deal could be announced soon. Those terms will pay Nextel shareholders the equivalent of 1.3 shares of Sprint stock, with a small cash element in order to ensure that current Sprint shareholders have more than 50% of the combined company.

    The non-wireless portion of Sprint will be spun off. Sprint’s CEO would head the new company while the board is split 50/50 between Sprint and Nextel executives.
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    And this from Forbes...
    Haute monde meets mass market. Friday saw Sprint (nyse: FON - news - people ) shares open higher and Nextel Communications (nasdaq: NXTL - news - people ) slide as the market digested news of a possible merger between the telecommunications firms. The two firms could be complimentary in at least one way: Nextel serves largely high-end corporate customers, while Sprint's customers fall in the broader middle-of-the-road market of adolescents and families. Consolidation in the wireless industry has been the order of the day in 2004, with Cingular--the joint venture of SBC Communications (nyse: SBC - news - people ) and BellSouth (nyse: BLS - news - people )--scooping up AT&T Wireless. Now begins the scuttlebutt. Analysts are already positing several possibilities if the deal is cemented: Firstly, that sprint may spin off its traditional land-line telephony. And second, it is supposed that Sprint Chairman and Chief Executive Gary Forsee may assume leadership of the combined company. Time--perhaps merely a weekend--will tell. Nextel shares Friday dropped 17 cents to $29.64 on Nasdaq; after opening at $25 on Friday, Sprint stock later in the afternoon dropped 46 cents to $23.82 on the New York Stock Exchange.
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