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    A combination with Sprint would create a carrier with 34.5 million subscribers, trailing Cingular Wireless' 47.5 million and Verizon Wireless' 42.1 million subscribers.

    Kagan said he thought Sprint management would emerge as the leaders of a combined company if a deal goes through.

    "I think it would be an acquisition by Sprint," he said.

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    That would be AWESOME!! I'd love to have the direct-connect that Nextel has. I know Sprint has ready link, but if a Sprint customer could two-way a Nextel customer that would be cool!

    One question though Isn't Nextel a GSM network and Sprint a CDMA? If so could they merge their networks?
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    I think Nextel uses something called iDEN (whatever that is) and Sprint uses CDMA. Not sure how you combine those two.
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    Nextel is considering a new tech for high-speed anyway. They are apparently considering CDMA.
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    would be very beneficial for the two to merge. however, nextel needs to give up its network and let sprint handle the technical stuff.

    having just swithced from Nextel to Sprint, I know what I"m talking about. Nextel's Network SUCKS big time. no roaming capabilities, sketchy coverage in suburban areas like mine (none in the rural areas) and useless wireless data netowkr (packetstream gold is only half the speed of vision at best and costs 3x as much per month)

    I say let it go and bring it on.
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    Yeah, I had nextel for 3 years, and I dumped it for Verizon. The service kept getting worse for some reason. You could NEVER roam, becaues nextel has it's propietary i-Den network with the SIM cards. And frankly, their phones are horrendous!

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    iDEN is a TDMA based technology, but they have to relocate to 1900 anyways because their network is interferring with emergency workers radios. Let Nextel die
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    When comparing wireless units, Nextel is the more valuable carrier. Though it has eight million fewer subscribers than Sprint, Nextel's customers pay nearly 10 percent more each month. Nextel's customer turnover rate - a crucial industry gauge - is half that of Sprint's. Nextel is also more profitable than Sprint.

    Didn't know Nextel had only 8 million subscriber's less than Sprint. That's amazing because Nextel sucks, what are all of their subscriber's thinking?
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    they get a ton of small business owners and entrepreneurs who really capitalize on the free incoming calls
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    Ah, that's right. Free incoming calls. Hopefully if they merge, that would come to Sprint service as well.
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    Nextel is GSM not CDMA; two totally diff technologies. I doubt a merge with Sprint or Verizon.

    A merge with Cingular or T-Mobile would be more believable.
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    Nextel and T-Mobile? I could believe that. They both have one thing in common: a slow and crummy data network.

    BTW, Nextel is not GSM although it has many attributes of it
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    Nextel uses a packet-based platform, the integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) technology
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    Any other second confirmations on these rumors?
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    Supposedly Verizon may be in the hunt to acquire Sprint as well - Man that would suck. I HATED verizon when I had it. If you think Sprint's customer service is bad . . . .
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    I don't think Sprint is in a financial position to BE acquired. They're quite flush with cash right now and doing very well - particularly in the business sector. Verizon may be in the hunt for Nextel, though. Verizon would love to get their grubby hands on more of that 1.9Ghz spectrum...
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    Excerpt from todays New York Times:

    Nextel Communications is in advanced talks to merge with the Sprint Corporation, according to executives involved in the negotiations. The deal would form the third largest cellphone company in the nation, with 39 million wireless subscribers.

    A deal could be reached as early as next week if the talks continue apace. In the meantime, the talks may bring to the game a third player, Verizon Wireless, which held several internal conference calls yesterday to discuss the possibility of making a run at Sprint, executives close to Verizon Wireless said.
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    KC Star article...

    Top U.S. cell phone companies

    1. Cingular, 47 million subscribers
    2. Verizon, 42 million
    3. Sprint, 23 million
    4. T-Mobile, 16 million
    5. Nextel, 15 million

    What of T-Mobile if this happens?
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    NY Times article;

    I stand corrected; this could very well be possible.

    What of T-mobile? Good question.
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    good question on tmobile. wouldn't want to be them. even catherine zeta jones wont be able to save em
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