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    any news/grapevine on when the 650 will officially be available for verizon?
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    i spent some time on the phone with a really nice rep and asked when i might be able to get the t650 and she couldn't give me a direct answer. when i then said that i might just upgrade to a basic flip phone and get a blackberry separately, she said " wait till january, there will be a lot of new introductions at that time, whatever you do just wait until then".

    take that for what it's worth. she may have been talking about the audiovox xv6600 (a very nice phone, lots of info at but maybe the treo 650 as well?

    i know sprint has the exclusive through the end of 2004 but we've seen the treo 600 prices recently fall, although that might not necessarily have any meaning vis-a-vis verizon and the 650s.

    i checked out the 650 side-by-side with the 600 at the airport the other day and it is not even a comparison. the outside is about the same but the hi-res screen and what seems like better camera software really blow the 600 out of the water. plus, with a removable battery and bluetooth, and maybe (just maybe) EVDO, it makes the 650 a no-brainer for verizon.

    personally, i'm going to wait to check out the xv6000 in person (now that i've seen the 650). i'm inclined to think i won't be able to deal with the 2 hrs talk time, despite a vague preference for pocket pc and how it integrates better with windows and is (shockingly) a more "open" operating system from a user perspective (can manipulate folders, files, transfers, without buying stuff like zlauncher or pppmate). once i see the xv i might just grab it, but more likely i'll wait as long as it takes to get the 650 on vzw - and my hunch would be b2b anytime from mid-jan through mid-mar and retail 2-3 weeks after b2b launch.

    oh, and importantly, the XV6600's bluetooth for verizon is NOT CRIPPLED in any way, which is awesome news for those of us who don't want to bother hacking the OS but do want to do more with the bluetooth than connect a headset. maybe if vzw isn't wasting time crippling bluetooth they'll be able to get the 650 to market sooner?
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    Well, maybe just as important for next January is the potential release of VZW's new data plan....$15 /unlimited data. I wasn't planning on getting anything until this new plan get's rolled out. And they were looking at doing that next January (at least that's what I got from the article I read). So hopefully this new plan and the 650 will be released at the same time.
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    if its not out by 3/31 i think it'll be about time for me to shop for a new carrier.
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    it's so hard to weigh best service vs. need for a phone that gets ***t done!
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    damn verizon for making us choose!

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