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    My treo 300 battery died last week (7-8 minutes talk time). I took it to a Sprint store on Wednesday and they agreed that it needed to be replaced and was covered onder the warranty. They ordered a replacement and told me it would be in Friday. Friday I called and they said it would be in Monday. Tuesday (today) I called they said it is on back order and I should call back at the end of the week. How long do I wait? Is there someone at Sprint I can appeal to? Any advice would be helpful.

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    Your T300 is still under the original manufacturer's warranty, or do you have the Total Equipment Coverage insurance? If you have the latter, don't take the shaft from the Sprint Store.

    Let me tell you a story. I had a Samsung i330 with the insurance. I use it for all my alarms, even to wake me up. One day, my alarm didn't go off. I thought it was user error (accidentally scheduled alarm for PM instead of AM), and i was late to work. The next day it happened again. Now I was in trouble at work. I decided to check it out, and the alarm was working, it just wasn't communicating with the speaker. Well, I called CS and griped, and they said take it to the Sprint Store and they'll replace it. They continued to say with that type of insurance, if the store didn't have it, they would have to replace it with a similar model. I took it to the Sprint Store and they had never seen anything like it. They told me at first to claim it on my insurance, and I said no, that I didn't damage the phone and that it was a warranty issue. Then they tried to tell me that since the i330 was discontinued, they would either have to replace it by ordering another one or giving me one in the store. HOWEVER, they weren't going to give me another smartphone because the value of the i330 had dropped. They tried to talk me into camera phones telling me how neat they were, and I refused. They did everything in their power not to see that a Sanyo 8100 was not in the same class as a i330.

    Eventually, I went to the store manager and called customer service on my phone. I got half off my next bill and my very first T600.

    My advice: go back to the Sprint Store. Talk to the manager. Be nice but firm, and see what it gets you.
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    Just to Clarify...My original 300 broke 2 months ago and was replaced by lockline. So the replacement is stll under warranty.
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    you should not have had to go threough lockline. sprint should replace them! you are only alotted a certain amount of claims with lockline. no limit with sprint
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    hmmm... maybe his/her original T300 was out of warranty hence he/she needed to go through Lockline. If you get a replacement, then it should have a manufacturers warranty of at least 90 days. Then you could go back to Sprint for a replacement if defective.
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