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    I recently purchased a T650, and now want to sell my Sprint T600. I've activated the T650 on Sprint, transferring my number and plan, etc. My T600, however, still has all the Sprint programming (including my phone number).

    I will be selling this phone, but want to insure that it's all clear of my info. I've done a hard reset, but it still has my MDN and MSID numbers...

    What should I do to clear these out and sell the phone in a clean state?

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    Go to the network settings and ZERO OUT your phone number and other info in there.... That is the only way to get the info out...

    Also, dont forget, when you xferred over your account with sprint to your new phone, they made your old one unuseable.. only you can bring it back on.
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    Thanks for the reply... Network settings only has my vision info, no phone numbers and such... I think what I really need is my MSL. I think that's the only way to zero out my hard-coded phone number.

    Regardless, Sprint still has the ESN of this phone in my name... And so, anyone who sells it will need my info to have it activated in their name.

    The more that I think about this, I'm figuring that I need to get Sprint involved.... How do folks sell their old T600s without needing to be involved with Sprint to activate the phone on behalf of whoever buys it? In other words, I'm not giving my SSN to some dude on eBay so they can activate a phone Sprint thinks is mine.

    Does this sound right to anyone? How is this done?
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    If you don't have a number active on that account the esn is not linked to your account. I sold our two 600's and just hard reset and shipped after I activated the new phones. Perfectly safe.
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    kd- did you figure out how to zero out that hardcoded phone number?
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    Nope... However, I did phone Sprint and learned that it probably does not matter. the phone's ESN is no longer in my account and anyone else cam simply activate it in their own name. So I think I'm clear.

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