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    I noticed on my T600 that about once a week Biz Con would start causing crashes on my handheld. I would delete it and then re-install and it would work again for a while. I got my T650 yesterday, installed Biz Con last night and sure enough this afternoon the soft resets started this afternoon.

    Has anybody else had a similar experience?
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    hopefully the warranty is still in effect. don't let sprint even think that the problem is with biz con. i have a biz con issue and sprint calls it a "limitation" and therefore wash their hands of the problem. since biz con is a sprint thing (vendor is a company called Seven) and not a palm one thing they can't pass it off.
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    It is a software issue and you will not get a new device from sprint. Are you sure it is the BC app? If you dial ##377 after a crash, what app does it list and what's the error?

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