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    Over the past two days I have gotten a total of 8 SMSs from "unknown", all with similar but not identical garbage bodies. (They all start with the same ~ 8 to 10 characters and then diverge).

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a way to block and "unknown" sender? This is realy annoying!

    Thanks for any help.

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    Do you have Biz Connection? I think it's tied into that.
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    I hope you don't run into the same problem someone I knew ran into. They were getting SPAM SMS messages at least 2 times a day. The carrier told him the only thing to do was change his phone number! Hopefully it's Biz Connection as pizenson stated.
    good luck

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    My former boss and good friend would get these for three days straight and then it would mysteriously stop, only to start again months later. Sprint said they had no idea what was causing it or why and told him there was nothing they could do.
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    I have BC and have not gotten any spam.
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    Its not Biz Connection spam; It's the SMS telling the Treo to get new mail from Business Connection. It's supposed to be hidden from the user but accidentally shows up from time to time.
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    gillum is right, it's not really SPAM mail, as a tech I talked to at Sprint explained, but rather an SMS message that you're never supposed to see, which is how Biz Connection tells your Treo to go fetch new mail. I started getting them more and more until I was getting 10 at a time. Sprint told me to delete BizConnection from my Treo, download it again, and it would clear up. That did the trick. Just remember your Business connection username and password since you'll need those to re-establish your service from your Treo. Since then, I only get those "SPAM" SMS messages very rarely.
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    i got a few spam sms messages on my current sanyo 8100 - really random and i haven't had any since early february or so. this all started when a friend of mine sent me a few pics from her camera phone. a few days later i noticed i was getting spam messages. hopefully this won't be an issue when i get the 650.
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