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    what a sh!tty experience.

    called Sprint cust service at 9 pm. Claire tells me its a 5 - 10 min wait. after 30 MINS, Travis picks up. I tell him

    1) i'm upset cause Claire didnt' tell me i could go watch an episode of seinfeld with commercials before someone picked up

    2) Sprint charged my CC 2x for my monthly pmt

    3) I am still not getting my 15% employee disc.

    Travis says he can't see where they drafted my pmt a 2nd time, tells me to hold on while he checks with payment processing.

    FORTY FIVE MINS LATER, a rep from payment processing picks up the phone. He asks me if he can help. I'm like - "what happened to Travis?"

    Turns out Travis' shift ended at 930, so he xferred the call to another center w/o informing the next rep what the situation was.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrr - so i ***** out the rep for what anyone would consider unacceptable cust service. He manages to resolve one of my issues while being sincerely apologetic. I ask him if for some type of compensation, he offers 50% off the next month's bill - thats about 42.50 for an hour and a half of being on the phone.
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    I gave up trying to order my Treo with them, it was a joke. I just went and ordered from Palm, no hassles, no delays, other than the wait for the box

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

    There are NO Limits
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    lol. you think that's bad?

    i ordered my 6601 on friday the 19th. talked to telesales and they charged my cc ~ $675 total. turns out later that day i get a sms saying my sprint pcs service has been cut off; please pay your bill. now i'm one who always pays his bills early and i pay more (slightly) than the amount due. naturally i think its a mistake, my next bill isnt due until dec 11th. (keep in mind this is my business line and i receive at least 15 calls a day on it) later in the day i try to call to check the weather forecast; can't, as i've been cut off.

    apparently sprint charged my cc $675 abd then chartged my pcs account $675so my bill was over 750$. naturally 2 hours and a lot of csr's *hanging up on me* later no one can take 750 off my bill so for thje entire weekend i'm without the phone. pretty humiliAting, i must tell you! call executive servicesd and they will straighten things out. at least next months bill is only half what it was....

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