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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetfreak
    In NYC, I roam to Verizon from Sprint when in Penn Station. I agree that with the family plan it is worth the single $5 charge to have everyone covered.
    While I never have needed to roam, it is a better deal to get Sprint Vision ($15) with roaming ($5) than to pay the high data rate costs for Verizon. When Verizon deploys in NYC subways, you will get a better deal with Sprint's roaming altogether.
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    Works here....

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    So...can the 650 make calls when roaming or not? I don't get a clear picture of this from this thread. I havn't had my 650 long, but I do travel and am becoming a bit anxious about roaming.
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    Yes, you can make calls while roaming. Sprint will charge you more for roaming, though (unless you have the special roaming plan). What you can't do is use the data portion of the phone (so no email, web, etc.).
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    I agree, during our recent ice storm from H#$% I was forced to use roaming only. It worked really well. Data services were unavailible...but with no power for three days I was just glad to have a line to the outside world!
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    I've just cancelled the extra roaming charge of $5/month on Sprint coz I no longer travel frequently aor roam on other carrier networks. Instead, I'll use the $5 for total equipment protection as many good users here advised.

    Thanks, TreoLanders
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